Mike Olson, VP of Safety and Recruitment – Market Express

Michael Olson Vice President of Safety and Recruitment at MX

Michael Olson

vp, safety and recruitment

Olson is the Vice President of Safety and Recruitment for the proud northwest-based trucking company that takes pride in its professional drivers, equipment and world class service to clients.  Prior to joining Market Express Olson spent eleven years at Market Transport, Ltd., a regional trucking and logistics company in which he held the positions of Director of Driver Resources, Director of Safety and Recruiting and Vice President of Operations and Maintenance. 

Olson also spent sixteen years at May Trucking Company, a regional and 48 state based carrier, holding  positions in Safety, Driver Resources and Operations.  Mike started his transportation career with USF Reddaway, a regional LTL carrier, service in the Human Resources department.

Portland State University